2018 Grads: Thanks! 2019 Drone Rookies: C'mon In!

Posted by Greg DePrez on Jan 6, 2019 1:39:07 PM

We've been teaching the Part 107 Drone License Course since September 2016 (a record?). But 2018 was a big year for our program. At the beginning of the year, we completely revised the course, based on our experience and feedback from our grads. During the year we welcomed dozens of students from all over the US, as well as Kenya and Jamaica. Two thirds of our students were sponsored by their employers, and we had new industries represented, including law enforcement, mining, journalism, and wind turbine inspection.


We constantly made lesson adjustments; for instance, students reported that the number of "airspace" questions on the Part 107 exam were increasing, so we expanded the airspace lectures and practice problems to make sure students were comfortable with this topic. We saw our graduates' FAA exam scores rise, and since June, the average of our graduates' scores has exceeded 87 (and only a 70 is needed to pass!).

Heading into 2019, we think we've got one of the most comprehensive Part 107 professional drone license and flight prep course available. Our full Test Prep and Flight Intro course features two days of classroom instruction and two days of basic flight instruction, supported with homework and test practice right up to the scheduled FAA exam on the final day. That's twice the instruction time of nearly all other lecture plus flight courses.

Our graduates (see their comments!) consistently report that they felt prepared to take the Drone exam and they they are comfortable with the basic elements of safe, legal, and professional drone flight.

Are you a designated future drone pilot for your company or agency (or yourself)? Then pick an upcoming FAA commercial drone license course and join us!

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